Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Little Pumpkins

So the kids and I made some little construction paper pumpkins yesterday.

I was so proud of Sassy's completed design. I cut the shapes based completely on her direction (she can be rather opinionated!) and she pasted everything on. She also had the idea to make her pumpkin a "girl" pumpkin by adding the "prickly things" (A.K.A. eyelashes).

Mr Jenkins was more into an abstract rendering of a pumpkin.
I totally love it too!

I made one quickly for Charli and we had a complete set:
Did you know that we are very classy types around here and that we often partake in "high tea"?

Not really.

We are not classy nor is our tea "high"... or even tea for that matter.

But we do have a tea set that Grammy brought us from her trip to London and it has provided us with much joy and entertainment.

Here is a recent tea party:

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is just too cute! You are a great momma! and i love that abi is so opinionated!

  2. Of course you love that she is opinionated! She is mini-marissa!! I watched her eat her chicken nuggets tonight and noticed she is like you in that as well... she picks them apart and leaves portions of them on her plate... little weirdo. :)