Sunday, October 23, 2011

Basil Fiasco 2011 - Crisis Averted

I am back for a quick report on Basil Fiasco 2011.

I know all 3 of my readers have been wondering about this all day, so I am pleased to report that Mrs. Bone came to my rescue and loaned me her food processor.

Holla Mrs. Bone.

Now, back to the food processor. That sucker rocks! I never registered for one when we got married because I pretty much only cooked canned soup and mac n cheese and you don't really need a food processor for those delicacies.

I am now coveting one of my very own.

 Sweet, sweet Cuisinart.

Okay, enough about that. Let me just tell you that my house is a disaster. I was attempting to clean the kitchen this afternoon, and surely you know that this is a nearly impossible task to accomplish whilst the littles are present.

Consequently, I sent them outside with Popsicles.

And consequently, they did this.
Things to note:
1. Half naked toddler. What in the world happened to his shirt?
2. Flinging of popcicle components with stick and hands
3. Smearing of popcicle on table and clothes.

I watched Mr. Jenkins chase this gum ball (formerly Popcicle Batman's eye) across the porch and then pop it in his mouth.

5 second rule?

Anyway, I scooted them into the bath and returned to the porch to wash away what was left of Batman.

When I came back into the house to get another pitcher of water, I heard squealing and shrieking and discovered that the kids had pulled the "shower" valve on the bath faucet and they were getting themselves (and a considerable portion of my bathroom) soaked.

Little rascals.

I wanted to be mad at them, but then when they were doing their post-bath streaking, and then their pajama dances, they were so dang cute that I forgave them.

Honestly, I am having a really hard time with how fast these years are going. Of course there are days when I long for them to be a bit more independent (and perhaps less messy!), but lately, I have been trying to cherish my time with them.

I hope you had a great Sabbath with your families, it really was a nice (albeit messy) day at the Curl house.


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  1. I'm so proud of what a wonderful mom you are. One might think you learned from your own mom, but I know must skip a generation! Seriously, I only gave lip service to that 'growing up so fast' thing. And patience has never been my virtue. Your Littles are going to have wonderful, warm memories!