Monday, October 24, 2011

No apples, but plenty of muffin tops

Brent worked a ropes course this weekend, so he took some time off today and we decided to head to Ellijay to see if there were any apples left to pick.

There were not.

However, we still had a great day, and we still got a peck of apples. We just didn't get to pick them ourselves.

After not picking our apples, we found a playground and let the kids play for a while before getting back in the car for the long drive home. 

On the way home we stopped at a BBQ restaurant that we love.

Once again I was reminded that it is better to not eat out than to eat out with kids.

The perfect storm of projectile-vomiting-baby and toddler-freak-out hit shortly after the food arrived. I was also alone at the table because Sassy "had to go potty." We were at one of those round corner booths and I found myself trapped between the puking baby on one side and a vacated booster seat on the other as Jenkins started flipping out over the fact that Sassy and Daddy had left the table.

He started yelling, "I ALL DONE!!! PLEASE BE EXCUSE!! PLEASE BE EXCUSE!!!" I felt rather ineffective scooting my rear end around the other 3/4 of the booth with a booster seat in hand, whilst doing that creepy clenched teeth talking thing that you learn how to do once you are a mom.

I proceeded to simultaneously wrestle with Jenkins and comfort screaming barfy baby for an eternity a few minutes waiting for Brent and Sassy to return. Finally, I made my escape from the restaurant carrying a screaming Jenkins under one arm and the 19 lb baby in the car seat on the other.

Honestly, I should be skinny for all the weight lifting I do. Why do I still sport the muffin top? Why the chins and arm jiggle?


I know it is vanity.

Well, vanity and lack of discipline in my case. I really want to be skinny, but I really don't want to stop eating what I want to eat. I don't have the love for exercise either. Maybe I never keep up the habit long enough to get to that "endorphin experience" you skinny people claim exists.

I mostly feel dread, pain, agony, and exhaustion.

At what point does this start to change?!

Ok... I have made an impromptu decision ... During the kid's nap time tomorrow, I will do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred work out DVD.


Perhaps putting this in the blog will keep me accountable.




  1. I feel exactly like you do when it comes to the weight thing. I love food and am unwilling to give it up. I keep telling myself that if I would just exercise I could lose weight and eat what ever I wanted, of course this is probably false, but I will keep telling myself this.

  2. I wonder if the love of food and and resistance to exercise is inherited? Why would we rather have a second helping (heaping) of ice cream (Chocolate Trinity, of course) than do a few sit-ups, squats, and lunges or work up a sweat...oh, wait! That's what you do every day taking care of the three little 'wild ones'!

  3. OH man I so feel for you with the projectile vomiting, toddler freak out session. That made my stress level rise just to read it!