Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Candy Radar

It has been a long day. 

The naps were short and the whining felt constant.

I hope to go to bed early tonight, but before I do, let me leave you with a short tale from our dinner out last night. 

Have I ever shared with you Sassy's uncanny ability to sniff out a treat from great distances? Seriously, the kid has some kind of crazy candy radar. She's like a dog who hears the treat bag rattle and comes running from the far recesses of the house... except you don't have to rattle the bag and you don't have to even be in the house.

No matter where you might be in the world, if you are eating candy... she knows. 

So last night, Brent found a coupon for Cheeseburger Bobby's and due to its upcoming expiration, he suggested we go there for dinner. Of course Cheeseburger Bobby's is not on the weight watchers plan, but I took one for the team and agreed we should go. 

As we finished our low fat meal, Brent went back to the drink service area to get a refill before we left. Sassy trotted along behind him and as he was filling his drink she was looking up at him.... but kinda past him, her eyes fixed on something up high. She asked him to pick her up. He did. She then zeroed in on a shallow red basket that was on top of the sweet tea dispenser. You might be able to make it out in this picture... it is to the immediate right of the Coke machine on top of the tea maker.

The conversation that followed went something like this:
Sassy: Daddy, what's in that basket?
Brent: I don't know honey.
Sassy: Will you let me look in it?
Brent: Sure baby. 

He then lifted her up on his shoulders so she could look inside the basket. And quick as lightning, that girl reached into the basket and pulled out a peppermint! How in the world did she know that there was a piece of candy in her proximity? 

I'm telling you, it is a freaky sixth sense.



  1. I know this is true! I've seen it in action...and I'm afraid Mr. Jenkins is on the way to developing the same talent...

  2. Ahhhh! I have received a comment!! Such sweet bliss!!

    I too share your fear of Jenkie... sometimes when I am giving a reward to Sassy for her behavior or for making a good choice, I make her eat it far, far away from him! I imagine this is not a long term plan for us. ha!

  3. I'm LOVING your new Blog. You have quite the talent for writing. I've been laughing out loud for the last half hour. I especially love your post of June 1st. Now IF I can just figure out how to select a profile. When I post a comment on Susan's Short on Words, I do it as anonymous. Your mother and I have a lot in common when it comes to computers. Love, Peggy Ganson

  4. Oh Peggy, thank you so much for the encouragement! I just read a recent post on Susan's blog that included some great pictures of you. I sent the post to my mom and was telling her that you are timeless! You look fabulous... just exactly how I remember you looking back when I was in Hollis' 1st grade class. :)

  5. Oh how I know what this is like! It's not just candy though. It's toys too. Everytime we "clean out" the toys...the kids...especially Levi...finds it before I'm able to get it out of the house. Drama!