Friday, June 10, 2011

'Fess up Friday

So, I thought I'd join Kira's Fess up Friday...

You can check out her Kissing the Joy blog to read her weekly confessions and some other daily hilarity! 

So, here are a few confessions for the week here at the Curl household:

  • There is a thong holding up one my tomato plants. What can I say? I ran out of pantyhose.

  • I let my child do this.

  • I actually captured it in video rather than stopping him from eating the carrot he offered the dog and then wiped on his filthy feet. 
  • My poor, neglected dog cannot even see I have let her go so long without a groom. pitiful!

  • I have still not cleaned my closet. In fact, it looks worse because Mr. Jenkins got into it again and this time, it really was his fault! I'm too embarrassed to show another picture. My shame has already been laid bare.
  • I have recently become dependent upon having a sickeningly concentrated instant sweet tea mix with extra ice in a styrofoam cup. For those of you who do not know my mother... she has a bonified addiction to a "good ice" and tea concoction that she carries with her at all times. Someday I will share the extent of her addiction with you but let's just leave it at this... she has an industrial ice maker in her laundry room that produces ice in metric tons... (well maybe not metric tons... but certainly in a ridiculously large volume). I have always mocked her mercilessly for her "sludge" which she totes every where with her - most embarrassingly into restaurants where I am sure the servers think she is smuggling in her long island ice tea!! But now, I see that I should have never been so brazzen... I should have known that one day, I would in fact turn into my mother. 
          That day has come.

Well... That's all I'm copping to this week. I can't share all my dirty secrets!


  1. Oh. My. Word. That thong in the tomato plant picture cracked me UP! Super duper funny. Thanks for playing along today! I hope you'll come by and link your post so the other girls who are playing can come visit you too :) Have a great weekend!

  2. You posted it just fine! The link came through. The reason there was a red x beside your name (only visible to you) is so that you can delete your submission if you choose. No one else can delete it, but you have that option if you made a mistake or something. Thanks for playing!