Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashion and Manners... or lack thereof.

I know I have previously shared Sassy's obsession with being naked.

I really don't get it.
I also am afraid she may have passed her love of nudity to her brother.
I keep finding him pants-less.
(Cue Pants on the Ground Season 9 American Idol...)

Anywho. When Sassy is wearing clothing, it has lately been an outfit of her choosing. Please allow me to share a few of her recent selections:

Aww... Doesn't this look cute? A little animal print with some sparkely zebra shoes.
Oh wait. No... she has in fact crammed herself into one of Chili C's 3-6 month outfits. You gotta give her props for trying to have an animal print theme though.

And here we are sporting some serious BROWN! Honestly, I am all for brown, but she has soooo many cute clothes... so many generous clothing gifts from grandparents... it is kinda depressing that she pulled out the second-hand sweats and Alaska t-shirt with a hole in it to go to Saturday night church. To her credit, she is wearing some very cute white linen sandals. It really brings the whole outfit together, don'tcha think?

This is what she wore to bed tonight. Did I mention that it was about 90 degrees today? She is wearing long sleeve footed pjs... with a Winnie the Pooh snow cap.

Mmmmm....Nice and cozy.

Who am I to judge though... Lord knows I have no fashion sense.

At least Sassy has good manners. Unlike someone else I know...

Mr. Jenkins.
Seriously, dude?
Don't mind us... you just kick back and relax buddy.

Just so you know, that is frosting on his toe.
And yes, he did lick it off.


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  1. I love sassys 6 month dress with open leg extensions. Kinda reminds me of us wearing our overalls one strap on and one off:)