Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't mess with Texas

I sincerely apologize to all three of my readers that I have been MIA this past week.

As you may remember, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to San Antonio to visit my dad for Father's Day. However, with all the farming out of my children, and subsequent collection of said children, I've been a little distracted.

My sister and I (and Chili) had a great time visiting with dear ol' dad. I must say that I wasn't prepared for the climate in Texas. Yes, yes, it was stinkin' hot - 106 F one day, but what I am referring to is the temperature at which my father keeps his apartment.

I swear it was so cold you could see your breath inside his place.

My sister and I are devoted "no touch" sleepers.
I don't like to spoon.
I don't like to touch.
I don't even like a leg or arm from the hubs to wander to my side of the bed (well, at least not while actually sleeping - if you catch my drift!)

But I tell you the truth; Marissa and I had to seek warmth from each other to stay alive in that meat locker of an appartment...

We snuggled up together like a pack of puppies.
We spooned for our lives.
I dare say, we cuddled.

And little Chili C. was in her packnplay next to our blow-up matress and I just kept waking up all night long to make sure she was snuggled securely beneath her blankets so afraid she was going to be a little Chili-cicle. I am happy to report, she did not suffer frostbite and seems to have fared quite well... perhaps her fat rolls and chins kept her insulated.

Despite the extremes in temperature, we had an incredible time.  Dad took us to some uber yummy restaurants. I was careful to stick to the weight watchers plan wipe the crumbs from my face after stuffing myself.

He also took us to some of his favorite shopping haunts. He and Chili were good sports while Marissa and I did a little shopping.

 If you only knew how much we were sweating here... 106 F people. I'm telling you... it was hot as snot!

I know you are not supposed to "mess with Texas" but if that is the case, then they should really try to not be so weird.  Check out these little gems we found while shopping in Fredericksberg.

Tell me that isn't creepy?!

Oh, and how about this!?! I whole case full of turtle shells!! Woo hoo - I've been looking for a pant load of turtle carcases. I wonder how many I can fit in my carry on?

While in San Antonio, Chili experienced her first rice cereal. She did great... I was honestly quite impressed considering the whole solid food experience was a pretty miserable transistion for my other two. Below is a video, but note, if you aren't family, this is about a minute of your life that you'll never get back.

Well, I am sure I have other stuff to share with you... ie. our experience at swim lessons today that was nearly the death of me,  Sassy's most recent fashion statements, Eli's adventures while with Grammy....

or perhaps, the crazy deer that attacked me at Bass Pro Shop...

But I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow... or whenever I catch my breath...

... or at least unpack my bags.



  1. Funny--no spooning, but 400 pairs of socks don't bother you at all. ;)

  2. Gina... neither socks or chicken water bother me one bit! :)

  3. I just cackled. And I haven't done that in a long time...thanks!

  4. Tiff!! I miss you!! Glad you came to visit the blog and especially glad I gave you a cackle! :)

  5. LOVE your humor! Keep it up.

  6. I wonder how many others have as much trouble posting as I do. The previous dd39etc is ME, Peggy Ganson. I'll get this yet. :-)