Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cutie Pa-tooties

Several weeks back I was blessed to have some dear friends from Washington State visit.

Here is my precious friend, Maluhia and me with Chili C.
Maluhia and I have been friends since high school. Then after college, during what I refer to as "my quarter-life crisis" she and her husband Kurt took me in and let me live with them for several months when I was lost, and scared and believing a lot of lies about God and his plan for my life. I am forever grateful for the safe haven, counsel and encouragement they provided me during this difficult season.

Here are a couple of shots Kurt took of the kids. Dang if he didn't make them look even cuter than usual!
He even managed to get camera shy Sassy to smile!

This little ham poses much more willingly!

Kurt graciously took a family photo for us too, so finally we have something of all five of us where we are looking somewhat decent looking in somewhat the same direction. Brent has an extra cheesy smile on his face, but I think that might have had something to do with the crazy antics Kurt was performing to make Mr. Jenkins smile. Kurt is hilarious! Maluhia and Kurt's trip coincided with Chili C's baptism and it was really special that they were there to share this moment with us. Here we are all dressed up for the occasion.

As for this weekend, we had a wonderful Sabbath. We worshiped at the Saturday evening service and had the pleasure of hearing Steve Brown preach which is always wonderfully grace-filled, gospel-centered, and even potentially offensive experience as he shares about the scandalous freedom of Christ. As usual, I was convicted as I listened to the sermon. I feel my priorities are out of whack lately, and I don't seem to be having success in reorienting. I know that admitting that I am powerless to do this on my own is probably the first step in finding the "ability" to be faithful because it is only then that I can be filled with the Spirit and have the power to live in obedience. I'll never be able to "white-knuckle it" and succeed by trying in my own strength. However, if I am honest, I haven't felt very empowered by the Spirit and I am finding this discouraging and troublesome. I am so grateful that God loves me when I fail, but how I long to love him more. I pray I would hear "the soft sound of sandaled feet" as I go about my days this week. I hope that I will take the time to be still for a few moments each day just to experience the intimacy with Christ that I so desperately need.


I almost forgot to mention that we have a new niece! We went to visit her at the hospital this afternoon, and she is such a precious little doll. Almost makes me want another one...


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