Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just too whiny

You may remember that Sassy has began taking swim lessons this summer.

God bless her, she hasn't exactly been excelling in the sport... but she has been having fun, and honestly, I am just grateful that she has had such a positive experience despite her challenged athleticism! :) 

Anywho, the teacher recommended that she take an additional week of class in hopes of getting the whole swimming thing to click. 

On Monday morning of our "additional" week, I had to take Chili to the pediatrician and the appointment ran over, so we were rushing to get to swim lessons. Consequently, we didn't have time to stop for Chick-fil-a as I had planned. I tried to reason with the Sassy, hungry, child, attempting to appease her with some graham crackers and the promise to return with chicken, waffle fries and "dip it" upon completion of her class. 

She would not hear of it.

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued and I made the call to bail on class as I could tell that swim lessons were going to be a very miserable experience for all parties involved. 

You can thank me later Coach Cargo.

Tuesday was much less hectic and I made sure to provide sufficient sustenance. When I picked her up following class, Coach Cargo informed me that Sassy had apologized to her saying:
"Mrs Cargo, I'm sorry I missed swimmin' lessons yesterday...but I was just too whiny"

Well... at least her extreme hunger did not effect her accurate assessment of the situation.


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