Friday, June 24, 2011

'Fess up Friday

Joining Kira in her 'Fess up Friday posting!

So... I went to Sonic TWICE today! Those of you who know me, know that I have a weakness for happy hour 1/2 price drinks. Plus, there's the fact that I really go to treat the kids.
Not really... that's just what I tell myself.

Anyway, there was a facebook deal at my Sonic.
Yes, I did just refer to the local Sonic as "mine".
Because it is.

Anyway, I went and got the $5 off deal... and then a few hours later, I returned for happy hour! What is wrong with me? Things are not looking up for my weigh in next week at weight watchers. Not to mention that it is uber embarrassing when the staff notes, "Hey! You're back!" when you pull up to the window to pay. At least they don't recognize my voice on the intercom yet... (ahem...not mentioning any names... 'Licious!)

Here are the kids sucking on the lemons from my tea from Sonic visit  #1, while waiting for their real fruit slush in the drive through during visit #2.

After my Sonic visit (the second one that is). I met my friend Zoe and her kids at the "shady park". We call it that because there are trees that provide some respite from the blazing sun, not because it is a sketchy locale. Just wanted to clarify. :)

Anywho, when I left, I apparently slammed the passenger door on a branch of one of the aforementioned shady trees. This came to my attention as I was pulling out of the park, but being in too much of a rush to get home to fix a delicious and nutritious dinner for my family too lazy to get out to release the branch from the car door, I rode home with a chunk of tree clinging to my swagger wagon.

Okay, last confession... and I am confessing on behalf of the hubs here. The wonderful man (and I really do mean that... he is awesome!) watched the kids last night while I went to dinner with my mom and sister. This morning when I changed Mr. Jenkins I was surprised to see that Brent had put him in one of Chili C's diapers.

One of her size 2 diapers.

The ones that are too small for her and waaaaaaay too small for Mr. Jenkins. I can't believe he made it through the night in that sucker.

It is a bit baffling that Brent didn't notice that the diaper was a wee bit small when the tabs barely reached around him and his little hiney was barely enclosed. Oh well... we experienced no leakage, but I am sure glad that he waited until he had a proper sized diaper to perform his typical morning "project".

Well, that's all for now.
Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Teehee! One day I went to Starbucks twice in a three hour period. I drove across town to a completely different starbucks so that I would not have to see the same people twice. Not my proudest day.

    That diaper story was hilarious. I can't believe he didn't have a majorly soggy bed.

    I'm still giggling about the swagger wagon. Niiiiiiiice.

    Thanks for linking up with me!

  2. Maranda! You are so very witty! Had fun reading your blog as evidenced by it being 12:08am and I'm still sitting at my computer. Love your 'Fess ups! All of us moms should do this! Much better than those mom blogs out there that list all wonderful, creative things they did for their children that week! Glad to see we live in the same world:)

  3. By the way..this is Laura Pope!