Monday, June 13, 2011

Sassy had a little lamb...

This evening as dinner was being prepared, I heard some wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I found this to be the source:
Poor Chili. Trapped in a Bumbo seat and subjected to such abuse attention from big sis. But I must say, the final result was quite adorable.


Did I tell you that today was the first day of swimming classes for miss Sassy!? For the past few weeks, Sassy would wake up each morning and ask, "is today the day that we go to swim lessons?!" I was elated that she was looking forward to class, but a bit nervous that once she was actually in class, she might be less enthusiastic. After all, I still remember going to swim lessons as a child and honestly, I'm still a bit scarred. My mother had to bribe me with the prospect of receiving "purple peel-off nail polish" in order to get me through the week of lessons.

By the way, does anyone else remember this stuff?
I love being a child of the 80s.

Anyway... there wasn't room for the mommies to stay at the pool to observe, so I left and drove to the dollar tree to pick up a bag of crap toys in case things went poorly and I needed to have a reward on hand to encourage her to come back the next day without pitching a fit. But lo and behold, the girl was happy. I spoke to the teachers and learned that although she was a little timid, she was obedient and "right on track" with her skills (or skillz if you prefer - that's courtesy of the Lumberjack's wife).

I did however learn that she stripped down naked at the end of class.


Yes, the naked kid... she's mine.

In her defense, she told the teacher that she dried off on top of her suit but she was still wet under her suit and needed to get "good and dry".

Makes sense to me.

Actually, the naked thing has become quite the battle lately.

She likes being in the buff. 
Au naturel.
Without a stitch... 

And honestly, I have grown weary and have given into her naked desires as of late, at least while in the confines of our home and private back yard. I try to make sure she at least has some panties on, though she would prefer to be completely nude. 

When she pranced out the front door one morning this week in nothing but a hot pink pair of Dora panties, I was quick to snatch her back with a stern warning. Seriously, I am sure our neighbors already think we are freaks... I don't need them thinking we are nudist freaks!

Did I mention that I am going to San Antonio with my sister later this week to visit my dad for father's day? I'm super excited... I've never been to San Antonio and I am looking forward to the time with my sis and dad. I am sending children in all kinds of various directions (to gracious family members who have agreed to take them for a few days... God bless my in-laws and mother). However, I am feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of getting everyone packed to go our seperate ways. 

That's a lot of bags... a lot of organization... a lot of mental energy to exert making separate packing lists. 

At least I don't have to pack anything but Dora panties for one kid.


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  1. I LOVE it! And also the previous one (which I didn't manage to comment on)...