Saturday, June 4, 2011

To nap or not to nap...

... that is the question.

We are at this point with Sassy where she still really needs a nap because she is an bear in the late afternoon if she doesn't get one, but if she does take a nap, then she is awake until late at night crying out for all manner of things in an effort to draw out inevitable... another book, another song, another prayer, more water... (with ice from the kitchen, mind you)... it's not the best stage, but as with most things, I am sure this too shall pass.

Sassy did not take a nap today, and so she was in bed asleep at about 6:15 this evening. I hope that she will not wake up at 6:15 tomorrow morning, but if she does... it's Brent's morning to get up with the kids! Praise the Lamb! :)

She had a busy day today, so it is no surprise that she is tired. Gittum (my dad - whose name by the way is actually "Randy" but I realized in a previous post that it may have appeared that his given name was Gittum... this is not the case). Anywho, Gittum took her to the movies this morning. I think they may have watched about 10 minutes of Kung Fu Panda II... Sassy likes the movies and all, but her true love in life is candy. I can't imagine where she gets that!?


So, as I understand it from Gittum, she placed her order for popcorn and gummy bears and when those ran out, she was ready to go. Seems like kinda a waste from my perspective, but I promise you, that she had a blast and will be talking about going to the show with Gittum for weeks!

While Sassy was at the movies, Chili C. and Mr. Jenkins went with Brent and me to run some errands. Chili slept the whole time (have I mentioned that she is awesome!) and Eli thoroughly loved being the "only child".

Tomorrow Jenkie will get to be an only child once again ... but this time with a single dad! Chili, Sassy and I are going to visit my granddad to celebrate his 95th birthday! Isn't that amazing! My mom has been a little frantic trying to get things ready for the celebration. She tends to stress out over such things, but who am I to judge... I do the same thing. GeeGee will love the fact that she is putting a party together for him and he is going to be touched by her efforts to collect 95 birthday cards from friends and relatives to commemorate this special occasion. It should be a fun day. And GeeGee is coming back with us to visit for a few days. I hope he approves of my veggie garden. Afterall, he helped me plant it and has given me lots (and I mean LOTS) of gardening advice!

This is a rather boring post, but like I said when I started this thing. I just wanted to record some snippits from life. I want to be a bit more reflective. Baby steps people! Baby steps.


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