Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something is hiding in my closet

What I am about to share with you is embarrassing.

It's distrurbing.

It's ugly.


my closet.

Honestly, I am not quite sure what has possessed me to share this horror, but I am hoping that perhaps it will serve as a "before" picture for the work I hope to endeavor this week in cleaning it. Embarrassment can be an effective motivator for me.

I haven't shared the most embarrassing element of this picture yet. As you view the stacks of clothes, piles of discarded garments, boxes from our recent move, etc... perhaps you will notice the chubby little white legs of Mr. Jenkins poking out of that box turned on its side. It's like a Bad Mommy's Where's Waldo Game!

I guess I could have blamed the whole mess on him seeing that he is in the middle of it all. And since he is the source of many of our domestic disasters, this would be a fairly believable lie . However, this one is totally on me. I hope I can get it cleaned up and show you an "after" picture later this week.


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